What I'd call a make2D bug


I have a 3D entity made in V6 ((6.0.17172.1151, 21/06/2017). Its properties are all set to “by layer”.
I call Make2D; the 2D curves created by the command have their display and print colour set to “other” – ie the colour of the original 3D objects layer colour.


In V5 the 2D curves created are set to “by layer”, which is what I’d expect and prefer….


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Tony- this pays attention to the Properties setting in the Make2D dialog - how is that set?



Thanks Pascal - The object properties is of course not in V5, and I just assumed it would work like V5 unless I changed something - I see now that the V5 behavior can be optioned by checking “by output layers”.

For my money the two options should be reversed in the dialog ie “output layers” should come first and be checked by default…but what do I know…?