2D Drawing like Rhino 5

Hello !

I’m using Rhino 6 since the beta version, but I dont’ arrive to understand why the 2D Drawing layout have changed compare to the old versions.
Now, the perspective view is very small and I dont’ arrive to change it.

Have you any idea ? Maybe it’s not possible ?

Thank you.


Hi Max - do you have the ‘Register with previous’ setting checked? Does changing that make any difference?


Yes, this is an unfortunate side effect of the developers never having done any drafting. They made a decision that is mathematically sound but not good for drafting.

What’s happening is the perspective view is constrained by the projected bounding boxes of the Top and Right views. If on the the view is long and skinny, the perspective projection is created too small.

There is a bug report for it.
The work-around is simple.
Since the results of Make2D are curves, you can easily scale up the the curves to be the size you want.

OK Thank you.
Yes of course I can scale the perspective projection but I asked myself if I did something wrong.
Apparently not :wink: