Maintaining dashed line spacing across points in a polyline

When I create a dashed line in Rhino, I find that it changes the spacing between the dashes depending on the distance between the points in a poly line. So if it is a ‘long enough’ line it will use the settings I created. If the line is shorter though, it will scale the dashes and spaces. The initial lines are created using the Polyline tool and are therefore joined even if I explode the line the above problem persists. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Thanks in advance!

Hmm, I’ve never seen that - is that an orthographic (plan) view of the polyline?

The length of the end dashes in each segment could change, but all the rest should have the same length and spacing. Can you post an example file?

Rhino Forum example.3dm (4.5 MB)

Here is a sample file! Thank you for your help. The screenshot was taken from a Top Layout view.

Hi Valeria - Run LineTypeDisplay and set PatternBySegment = No - does that help?


Thanks Pascal. I unchecked the PatternBySegment box but it does not seem to work.

Hi Valeria -can you post the 3dm file? Just that polyline.


I actually did post the 3dm file in a previous comment to Helvetosaur

Sorry, I see it.
@Valeria_Perez - the polyline dives away from the view in 3d so the dashes are shorter and closer together:

This segment for examople:


That’s what I suspected and why I asked about the “plan view”, but I actually meant to ask if the polyline was planar and in plan view…