Linetype "bug": Short curves, long spaces

There is an undesired effect in Rhino where a short curve with a line style will turn into a “solid” curve if the sum of the curve style is longer than the length of the curve.


I would prefer if it would draw the ends like it does for 2.6


Here is a more illustrating real life issue:

The short curves in the circle are hidden lines, but they are all too short to get “dashing” thus the 2D is wrong.
The workaround would be to set the dash scale lower, but that isn’t a good solution, neither is cutting the curves by hand.

Please look into this.

edit: as you can see the middle vertical line is also broken into two pieces.

I just noticed the first part of the dashed curves are wrong, they are not the same length as the rest of the dashes for some reason. This does not happen if I set the dash value lower though… And that doesn’t make too much sense.


PS! The solution I am forced to use now is to set the scale to 0.5 and I get this result:

It looks ok here, but it is small for a 1:1 print: (here simulated 1:1 on a calibrated full HD 17" screen)