Maintain properties when copying to layer?

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I’m trying to copy some curves to a layer, so I can retrieve them in case anything goes wrong, but all of the curves are differently colored to organize them easily. Is there a way to keep the color of each curve when copying, or is it a manual, one-by-one type of thing that I would have to do after copying them?


Hello - if I understand, you need to set objects to have their display color set to match their current layer color but be set per object and not follow the layer color… ?

This script will do that- see if it work for you. (344 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"



Thanks Pascal, this was exactly what I was talking about!

Hi, Pascal, if you see this:

I have another question similar to this, and I remembered you were able to help me before. I’m in a similar situation, but I wanted to know if such a script (or alternative) existed, but for Linetypes? So, if I am able to maintain linetype per curve/group of curves, regardless of layer assignment?

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Hi jricha - do you need this as part of the color script or as a separate one?

@jricha38 - see if this works OK - it does both at once - (527 Bytes)


Thanks for the reply! Whatever is easiest for you. I already have the first script you gave me downloaded, and I still use it frequently. So, if it is easier, it can just be part of the same script.

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Hmm, I’m probably missing something, but when I run the command RunPythonScript in Rhino, and select the script from my Downloads folder (the method I typically use), I get this error:

"Message: name ‘MatchObjectToLayerStuff’ is not defined

line 19, in , “”

Yeah, sorry - typo - I’ll update above in 30 seconds…

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Works like a charm! Thanks again, Pascal.

I came about the same issue in the past.
i think the interface could be finetuned:
// current behaviour:
have objects on a layer with display Color “By Layer” - change to “Custom” will default Color to black -
// wish
it would be really great if the color does not change in a first step, turn to custom should pop the layercolor to a custom color (like pascals script), then the obejcts will have the desired behaviour - and further fine-tuning of the color is possible.

If all the backup curves are in the same layer, it will take lots of effort to convert this backup into useful data when you need it, no matter what is the color of the curves. It is much more practicable to save the curves in a block (named junk-curves, for example), or in a separate model/file.