Colors of objects

I have plans and facades (each of them contain few colors) of a building in Autocad, and I insert them to a Rhino file in order to build a 3D model of the building.
I want each of them to be in a separate layer in my Rhino file, yet to keep it’s original colors.
Is there a way to do that?

HI Rachel - you can assign object colors and materials by object rather than by layer (default), in object Properties - is that what you need?


No, unfortunately I think this not what I mean. I will try to explain myself better, with a picture:

This is the elevation. It is all made of curves.
It includes many layers, each one with another color.
Now I insert it to a new file, which includes 4 elevations.
I would like each one of them to be in a separate layer, for example "east elevation " layer.
But when I make the elevation be in a specific layer, all of the original colors of the elevation becomes one color, which is the “east elevation” layer color, which is not good because everythin looks the same.

Hi Rachel - yep, I think the way out is to set the object color by object in Properties, but this could be very tedious. Let’s see if this script does anything you like - save, then drag and drop it onto Rhino to add this alias:


You can then type that to run the script - do this when the objects look right to you, before changing their layer.

ObjectColorByObject.rvb (548 Bytes)


Thank you very much !!
To what library should I download the script?

Hi Rachel - you can save it anywhere that is convenient, but where ever that is, drag and drop it from there onto a Rhino window.


I Have tried it . GREAT !!!
It works !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

I have 2 questions -
1- in object properties table - does “display color” has priority above “layer” ?
2- What if I would have insert it as a block to a new layer (without the script) ?
Will colors be kept as original, or changed to the new layer?

Thank you so much

Hi Rachel -

In Properties, display color can be set to either By layer, or By object; in the case of By object, the object does not care about what layer it is on or what color that layer is, it keeps the same display color.

If you run the script and then insert as a block, the colors should stay.


Hi Pascal

Thank you very much !!!
You always so helpful :slight_smile: