Mails from discourse

Ok, at the end the way I find more useful to keep in touch with discourse is receiving mails on my phone / computers.
I find the way Thunderbird handle them very good.
I receive mails for each post from Italian discourse and a daily mail from the American discourse
The only problem is the “sender” that appears on the emails… it’s Always Steve Baer… probably a spammer! :wink:
Is it possible to have the name of the real person that have posted the message? could be good a fake address that identifies the user ( and his real name…
Some images to explain what I’m seeing:

Thunbderbird Group messages by thread

If you expand a thread

The daily mail from american discourse

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fwiw, shows the member name as the sender…

using mitch for example…

so yeah, steve@mcneel is the main sender but the member name comes along with it and is what shows up in my inbox…

point being, maybe there’s a setting in thunderbird (or something) that lets you only see the member name?

that said, i only receive emails for people directly responding to me or topics i’ve started… not sure how it shows up if i receive the entire board but i assume it would be the same.

I remember thinking a couple of times - “Hey, this guy has a lot of nerve using Steve’s e-mail address…” until I figured out what was going on…


Ah, ok, I’ll check thunderbird settings to see if it’s possible to fix the sender’s name.
Probably Thbrd change the name because Steve is in my contacts list… probably deleting it would reset the name.
Btw I think that if “From” would contain something like the “reply-to” all the stuff would be better managed…
Thanks Jeff, Ciao!


Jeff was right!
I’ve found an option activated into Steve’s contact options.

Now the sender’s name is the one we find into mail’s header