Your Full Name (optional) on Discourse

We’ve just enabled the ability for you to appear on Discourse using your full name in addition to your user name.

To opt in, visit and fill out your Name.

Why would you want to do this? You might not! But we wanted our staff to be able to show up with their real names in both forum posts and email replies to private messages.


This field appears to be non-editable?

Yeah, you’re right… @sam - ideas?

Please make it possible to add your full name too. As a long time member of the Grasshopper forum under my actual name, I would appreciate the ability to add it here to its new incarnation. I joined the Rhino forum in 2013 under a username, which according to the seeming impossibility of changing, will apparently haunt me for the rest of my life. Thank you.

I might be missing something here but that’s what this thread is about: now you can add your full name to your profile. Go to Preferences > Account > Name.

It appears to be enabled now, but a couple of hours ago it still wasn’t or, I’ve been hallucinating the last several days…

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Sorry, I forgot to post back here after changing a setting to enable editing your name. Glad it’s working now!