Deforming geometry with vector


I have been studying some of the projects of Peter Eisenman and I have been trying to replicate his design process with Grasshopper.

He usually creates a simple geometric shape or grid and then applies a series of deformations to this. I’ve read that for deformation they apply vector forces and morphing to the shape.

When they developed the project above I noted that it is highly unlikely that they used Grasshopper because if I’m not wrong the project was made in 1996; however, I think that the process could most likely be replicated with Grasshopper.

For this reason, I had been looking at the vector fields components to enter in the mentality of vectors deformation, but now I’m less sure that with this method would make it possible to deform a shape.

In conclusion, I was hoping to kindly ask what kind of process or strategies could be studied in order to replicate the process of deformation used in the project above with the Grasshopper tools.

I thank you for your time and look forward to your response.

Would make them as meshes and move the mesh verts.

Hi @Michael_Pryor,

Thanks for your answer! I also thought to convert the geometry in mesh as a first step, but the way you described moving the points of the mesh would be a manual deformation. What I’m looking for is a way to automate the deformation process with a vector field system so that the entire system will be automatically influenced by adding new forces.

The picture shows a diagram study of the project and it makes me think that the deformation is generated by a vector field. What I want to obtain is a system that is entirely influenced by forces that attract or repulse the points of the mesh.

Do you have any idea about it?

You can move the verticies of the mesh with your vector field. Not manual.
Deconstruct mesh -> move verticies -> construct mesh

I didn’t mean manual. I meant whichever way you want. Field, point deform, attractor. You pick.

Thank you guys! I misunderstood your words.

I will try in the next days to work on it.