Magically Locked Curves

I’m working with Rhino 4… This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, but i want to know how to fix it once it happens.

I’ve imported a good amount of linework/curves or even if I’ve used the “make2Ddrawing” tool to get ortho linework for a good amount of objects in my file and some of the curves become magically locked. I can’t select them anymore. When i try to click on them the Selection menu says “none.” I know they aren’t locked with the lock tool because I’ve used “unlock” cmd and when i use “SelCrv” cmd they get highlighted but i cant move, edit or delete them.

I’m guessing the file just gets too bogged down but once this happens how do i fix it. because it has happened in files that aren’t even that large.


Have you turned on control points or edit points for the curves which are locked? If so turn off control points or edit points for the curves and try selecting them. Objects can not be selected for editing when control points or edit points are turned on?

No I never turned on the cmd. the curves were just imported in and used for sizing purposes. only thing i did to them was scale them with 2Dscale

Hi Brennan,

Can you isolate the curves in question and export them to a file.
Post the file here and we can have a look.
From what you are describing I have no obvious solution, maybe someone else.


Hi Willem

I wish i could but it happened yesterday evening and I closed the program and that usually does fix the issue but only for a short period of time. I believe it is a clipboard issue. Once the clipbaord is full or close to full the program locks some curves to save space. Once the program is closed the clipboard is cleared and the problem doesn’t surface. My guess?


Now and then I also get curves that I am unable to cursor or window select. _SelCrv still works and I can delete. When I do not want to delete the curves a restart fixes the problem for me as it does with Brennan.