Macro/Micro surface control point editing - multi level control point editing

Hi All,

I’m trying to edit a surface by using it’s control points in a two stage process. First at macro level, at this level the surface has a small number of control points that allow me to manipulate the shape broadly. Secondly I rebuild the surface say to 3x times its number of control points bit in U and V to then create micro movements at skin like level.

Ideally I would like to keep the option of going back to my first step in macro editing without having to undo all the micro moves. It’s almost like a surface with two levels of editing that can be edited separately, where the micro level of control points are related to the macro. Or if you could create a ‘cage edit’ comand like effect but instead of having a cage it’s referenced to a original surface, and were the second stage object is not realised from it’s cage when editing it’s control points.

I know grasshopper doesn’t reference control points, but was wondering if anyone has given any thought to this potential process, it would be pretty amazing to be able to manipulate a surface in several levels.

Even if I could reference point in grasshopper I would have to bake the rebuilt surface to be able to edit the second set of control points but by doing that I would lose the relationship between the first step and the second, so I’m guessing this concept might be against Grasshopper logic, for it to work a ‘micro’ control point would have to be referenced backwards, and its position transformation moves in rhino be saved or tracked in relation to a previous point location (macro control points) .

I’ve been thinking about this and even it may be not doable would be good to share views. Any starting point would be highly appreciated. Also any exiting software that would allow me to achieve this?