Mac-Windows Remote Desktop with 3d mouse

Is there anyone successfully using a 3d mouse (3dconnexion) on Remote Desktop? At work, we use MS RDP. No one from IT can figure out how to use a 3d mouse via RDP. It took a long time for someone to managed to make it work on Sketchup via RDP, windows-windows. However, it doesn’t work with Rhino.

I use a personal mackbook pro 16 to connect to work via RDP. I’m getting a bit desperately wanting to use my 3d mouse again. It’s hard to believe it’s impossible at all? Please help.

On my laptop I run Remote Desktop to the workstation in my office where I run Solidworks using this manual ( I didn’t use it for work in Rhino, but in theory, it should work. You can test the trial version.

Thank you for the suggestion.

The company is testing VDI finally, and 3d mouse is working on Workspot and Advance2000.