Mac-Windows Remote Desktop with 3d mouse

Is there anyone successfully using a 3d mouse (3dconnexion) on Remote Desktop? At work, we use MS RDP. No one from IT can figure out how to use a 3d mouse via RDP. It took a long time for someone to managed to make it work on Sketchup via RDP, windows-windows. However, it doesn’t work with Rhino.

I use a personal mackbook pro 16 to connect to work via RDP. I’m getting a bit desperately wanting to use my 3d mouse again. It’s hard to believe it’s impossible at all? Please help.

On my laptop I run Remote Desktop to the workstation in my office where I run Solidworks using this manual ( I didn’t use it for work in Rhino, but in theory, it should work. You can test the trial version.

Thank you for the suggestion.