Redirected 3D Mouse no Rotation Center

We are working mostly in Homeoffice via Windows RDP.
Redirect our Spacemouse through RemoteFX. This works for most of our 3D Applications.
It works also for Rhino, but the only and important problem is the View Rotation Center.
It is always the coordinate origin. We are missing the small blue cube normally shown if the 3d Mouse is connected directly to the host and defines the center.

In other Applications like NX or the 3DConnexion Viewer the cube is shown. So I think the problem refers to Rhino3D
There is also no way to define it explicitly.

3dConnexion Driver newest version
Rhino7 newest version.
Windows 10 updated both client and host

we’d have to refer you to the 3d connection folks for help here. we do not have a 3d device as a test unit, and this set up is not something we could even replicate to test.

I don’t think they will help me either. They will refer to the Rhino software as there are no problems in other programs.
Thanks for your answer. I guess I will wait for an answer from somebody who has the same issue.
Seems to be that nobody is working with Rhino in Homeoffice??

no one in our office that I am aware of.