3dconnexion Spacemouse Revitinsiderevit problem

Hello all, I hope that this topic won’t be a repeat.
I have Revit 2021, rhino 7 and Rhino inside revit plugin, 3dxware 10.1 on Windows 10 64bit.
The problem is as follows, as soon as I open Rhino in Revit, my 3dmouse stops working for Revit, it works for Rhino but not with my presets from Rhino 7 but with my presets from Revit.
Is there a way to have the mouse work for both software at the same time ? I have some knowledge of coding so I would be happy to help.

Thanks fo rthe attention

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@kike AFAIK Revit handles all the keyboard inputs and we’re changing context when Rhino/GH is active right? Does other inputs get transferred as well?!

Not sure about this but looks like Rhino 3DConnexion support is provided by 3DConnexion itself.

Could you please try disabling the plugin in Rhino and see if this makes it work on Revit again?

I will upscale the issue.

Thanks for the reply, funny thing, when Rhino is activated in Revit, 3dconnexion identifies the Rhino interface/window as Revit, it naturally uses revit presets for that interface.
What is strange is that I still cannot use it in Revit anymore after the Rhino command is activated. I will transfer that to 3dconnexion.
Thank you

Well, don’t bother with the forums onver at 3dconnexion there has been no response by 3dconnexion when I reported this back in april (same from Mcneel’s end though).

Your best bet is to both respond to the topic here (https://forum.3dconnexion.com/viewtopic.php?t=39309) as opposed to opening a new thread and contact customer service by phone. Though there seem to be quite a few not so skilled employees on the line too.

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I already submitted an official request, we’ll see, I’ll also reply to your thread, by any chance, can you navigate in Revit while Rhino is open ?

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Yes, I could back in april and haven’t checked since. Have you tried changing the speed settings in the 3dconnexion driver? For me it was very slow in Rhino and too fast in Revit to be able to use both.
I am actually waiting till this is fixed before I’ll use Rhino.Inside Revit again. At the moment I don’t have access to it, because for my internship I use Rhino and Revit on the office PC and they don’t have software to allow me to use a 3d mouse over remote desktop. I could come back to this in a few weeks.

RH-62038 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate


Awesome, thank you sir, I will update and let you know about my experience

Hi @thomas.lagarde,

Did you have any chance to test this?
Since I don’t have this hardware I’m unable to test it.
Is it working on your computer?

Hi @kike
Just to chime in on this, I am awaiting the Revit 2022 release and will test it when it arrives, since I need to update Rhino.Inside anyway.
Hopefully, I can report back later this week, depending on the release schedule.

Hi @kike,

This is the result of my testing using driver 10.6.8 (which is an older one), unfortunately. In Revit, I am unable to navigate, whereas it is very slow in Rhino.Inside.Revit, compared to Rhino itself. Even though the settings were equal. Furthermore, I noticed that Rhino 7 does not adhere to the lock horizon setting. See screencast here: https://we.tl/t-5PjSw72ZKT (link expires in one week from now).

I updated to the latest driver, by checking and unchecking the lock horizon button, the lock horizon functionality works again. The issues still persist though, unfortunately. Both Rhino.Inside.Revit and Revit are read from Revit.xml for the button config, which I guess is to be expected. However, because Revit is not officially supported in the 3dconnexion software, the additional functionality found under Navigation Modes in the driver is not available. This means, lock horizon and any of the other navigation options cannot be used in Rhino.Inside.Revit, as opposed to Rhino 7.

Furthermore, the 3d mouse works fine when booting up Revit, but as soon as Rhino.Inside is launched, it stops functioning. In Rhino.Inside.Revit, the movement speed seems to be fixed as far as I can remember. Here are some additional screencasts made using 3dconnexion 10.7.2 (the latest driver downloaded just now), all the screencasts, including the one with the older driver were from Revit 2021, Rhino version is (7.4.21078.1001, 2021-03-19).
And the screencast for the latest driver: https://we.tl/t-jPTdKeeyB7 (link expires in one week from now).

I sure hope this issue can be resolved. Will you be communicating this with 3dconnexion @kike?

Hi @Intuos

I tested a 3D Connexion Space Navigator in RIR using Rhino 7.5.21100.03001 and the 3DxWare driver 10.7.2 and it seems to be working correctly. I did have to toggle the lock horizon property once but then that worked and the speed appears correct although I don’t use these a lot myself.

I think they mentioned that they did fix the problem, I’ll give it another try soon, @BrianJ can you tell us if you can navigate in Rhino A.N.D in Revit after opening RIR ?

Yes, I could but in Revit’s viewport the 3DxWare properties were not the exact same as if you accessed them inside Rhino’s viewport. Lock Horizon was missing most notably in Revit.

Yes, it still is a problem, we need to dig deeper

What is the specific problem? Is it the lack of Lock Horizon option in the Revit viewport you’re referring to?

@Brian, thanks for the update. Lock horizon is not a big deal in Revit to me personally, since you cannot tumble the view sideways anyway.
I’ll update Rhino during the weekend and will keep you posted on the experience.

On my end the issue is resolved, perfect solution to use the 3dconnexion settings from Rhino instead of Revit, that’s a much better solution than I actually expected. Thanks Mcneel & 3dconnexion for fixing this issue, very nice work! :+1:

I do still notice hiccups during the initiation of Rhino.Inside, which freezes input until the process is finished. Afterwards, it works as expected. Though, I had to reinsert the wireless receiver, close Revit and re-initiate Revit and Rhino.Inside once. And as mentioned, tick lock horizon twice. I am not sure whether these instabilities will persist, or that they are incidental.