Lights mac rhino to windows rhino

I have been modelling in mac rhino and have downloaded the windows version to test out vray. For some reason the lights from the mac version do not have all of the properties of the lights that are created by the windows version. This makes the lights useless in vray because there is no way to increase the intensity adequately.

Is this known? (presumably it is)
Any ideas when it is likely to be fixed?

I believe this is because Windows Rhino uses the Render Development Kit (RDK) as does vray. Mac Rhino does not yet support the RDK so the rendering, material, environment, and light features are not interchangeable or equivalent.

When Rhino moves to the V6 codebase, we are hoping to fix this limitation.

Is there any indication as to when that might be? I must admit that I had thought we were waiting for the SDK in 5.1 for render plugins to be able to be written but from what you are saying it sounds like it is going to be a much longer wait for the RDK.

try another tack. Would it be possible to provide a script that runs in windows rhino that converts / replaces mac rhino lights with roughly equivalent lights that do work with vray etc?

It is a bit of an impediment to cross platform working at present.