Mac Rhino Plugin Eto rhino6 WIP


I tested a plugin in Rhino 6 WIP for windows when using Eto forms.
Basic thing, nothing complicated.

Then I tested the plugin on Mac and when I dropped .rhp file.
It says: .rhp files are not currently supported for rhino6 WIP.

Ok I thought what to do…
The I opened Xamarin Studio rhino 5 plugin template on Mac, and copy pasted my code from rhino 6 wip (windows).
It worked.

Question: How when it would be possible to develop a plugin for rhino windows with eto forms, so that .rhp could work on both platforms windows and mac?

There is no publicly available Rhino 6 WIP for Mac. The Mac WIP is still Rhino 5 codebase, thus, targeting Rhino 6 RhinoCommon SDK in Rhino 5. Rhino 5 codebase has a bit of intelligence when dealing with RhinoCommon SDK version compatibility, but nothing compared to Rhino 6 codebase. Some recent tests to use RhinoCommon from Rhino 5 sr12 for Windows yielded compatibility issues on Mac (but really shouldn’t. I haven’t had the time to look at it deeper to determine the cause of the issue).

Your best bet it to target the specific RhinoCommon version for both platforms until you can access Rhino 6 codebase for both.

I would consider this a “hack”, but you could probably get away with compiling against the Mac V5 RhinoCommon / Eto and loading the plug-in into V6 WIP. V6 contains compatibility testing which looks at everything your plug-in uses in RhinoCommon and makes sure the functionality still exists when loading a plug-in compiled against a different major version of RhinoCommon.