Mac - Layout Page docked to Viewports, like on PC version?


On PC, you can make your Layout page just another clickable viewport tab. Is Mac only able to have a “Floating” Layout window? If so, that means with only one monitor, it either hides all the toolbars, or I have to shrink my main window and slide my Layout window next it?


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As I understand it, that behavior isn’t possible in Mac Rhino.


you can set up ‘tabs’ in mac version, view menu,-show tabs bar, also in preferences general, there are tabbed options

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@dan or @marlin will have to chime in on the specifics.
When we first previewed these new tools before they were released to the public, the limitation was asked about and all I recall is it wasn’t currently possible (or desirable to Mac users), to mimic the Windows Rhino behavior.

Perhaps a better question is if you are happy with Windows Rhino, why are you messing around with Mac Rhino?


Thanks, Milezee but I don’t see that option anywhere…?


I have my PC coming, and I’m learning right now on my Mac until I can make the transition…


I don’t know much about the windows set up, this is my mac set up for tabs and working between different models and layouts


Wow, I don’t have either of those options! On v5.3.1



uhmmm, not sure then, hopefully the mcneel chaps will chime in, i’m running the same, v5 5.3.1 , Sierra OSX


Tabs interface is a feature of Mack OS sierra.


you need Sierra for the feature.

tabbing any application is now system wide… Rhino ties into this capability and has been further customized by mcneel

ha… what he :point_up_2: said [/edit]


Ah, ok then. Thanks for the answer!