Layouts in floating viewport?

Is it no longer possible in rhino 7 to open layouts in one window and model in another? It’s super useful to be able to edit the model and see changes in the layout (esp. on two monitors) without toggling views.

Hi Sam - that works here - I can grab the layout viewport (by its title) and drag it off to a second monitor - is that what you mean?


Hey @pascal, thanks for the quick reply! No dice for me, but I’m realizing I forgot to specify that this was on Rhino for Mac – perhaps it’s only implemented in windows?

In 6 (on mac), activating layout view automatically opened a new window for layouts, but now that it’s in the same toolbar as the other viewports, that’s no longer true…

Indeed - on Mac, that seems to be locked in…
RH-61935 Layouts: Allow layouts to be detached to a floating window.


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Yeah. Do you know of any workarounds? I guess it’s a #wish more than a #bug but it definitely was a nice feature when drafting in Rhino 6…

You can try turning off the IncludeLayoutsInDocumentWindow setting in preferences the opening a model with layouts. This is no longer an officially supported UI but it still mostly works.

Cool, thanks – will try that next time I’m in layout land.