Top and Bottom side to surfs

Hi everyone

I am quite the newbie to Rhino, so please try to follow my lack of jargon.

I have been shown by one of my tutors through Rhino how to tell if a closed surface/surface/line is inverted (I think that may be the best term). For example, one surface to a hollow cube was pink and the rest another colour. He would then simply flip it, to have the inside and outside(?).

I was wondering how I could turn this function on for Mac?

I have just offset a mesh and I believe that this may be the problem because it is folding in on itself and in all different directions.

Thank you

you have to configure the shade view or the display mode you want with the Backfaces option

Wow thank you so much that’s exactly it!
Do you know if you can have this problem with curves?

You can use the Flip command to change the direction of a curve. There isn’t an inherent ‘wrong’ direction for curves and no way to color code them in vanilla Rhino.