LUSAS Plugin

I’m looking for grasshopper users that perform structural or civil analysis in LUSAS.
I’ve been advancing on a new Geometry Gym interop plugin to generate LUSAS models from Grasshopper.
One of the key features of LUSAS not typically found in other structural analysis applications
we interface to, is the ability to accept nurbs surfaces with nurbs trims etc.
However, in the past when using Lusas I found myself manually healing models from IGS or STP imports, where the adjacent edges were not merged within a practical tolerance. This Grasshopper plugin should better facilitate this, and permit automated assignment of thickness, material etc.

If you would like to test this, you can find this plugin on package manager, refer to Rhino Package Manager (Yak) - Geometry Gym for instructions. There is a sample grasshopper script here, Lusas Examples - Geometry Gym

All feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please share with any friends/colleagues that use LUSAS.