Create panel with uniform size

Hi, new to LunchBox plugin, need some help!

I intend to place all panels on a freeform surface, and each of them should be standard.
However due to the freeform surface, some of the hexagonal cell would appear being stretched and the hexagonal shape is no longer obvious.

By the way, since the main structure is a curvy triangle a believe that there are some panels that can’t fit in. How to removed it?

Attachment of my GH file, easier for you guys to look how it works…Regular (20.5 KB)

I don’t understand why are you mentioning “hexagonal cell” because you are using Lunchbox’s Triangle Panels B. If you want hexagonal pattern, then there is the Hexagon Cells component in Lunchbox plugin.
And if you’d like to get rid of all the none hexagonal cells, you can cull out the cells that have less than 6 discontinuities…

Regular (26.4 KB)

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Thanks again HS_Kim!
Recently I want to use Triangle Panels B is because I want it to have those pyramidal vertex on each hexagon panel, eventually each cell comesout forming a hexagon.
But your solution just convinced me that there are another way to achieve it using hexagonal cells. Solved! :+1: :+1:

May I know what the name of this component? As my GH did not have this plugin I may need to look for it…

Why don’t you run ‘PackageManager’ command in rhino and install it fr there?

Alright, found it. Thanks.

By the way, I found that some cell still being stretched due to the free-form surface. How to control this to make them in all uniform?