Lunchbox paneling on multiple surfaces

Hi everyone!

I’m new to using grasshopper and have been going some tutorials for the lunchbox plugin.

I’m having difficulty placing a paneling grid onto multiple surfaces. Whenever I create a group of surfaces, the panels never match. Some of them are oriented differently, depending on the surface. I can try and get them to match using a slider, but they are never a perfect match.

Is there any way of making sure that all of the surfaces have matching UV panel settings? (3.9 KB)
test_surface.3dm (258.6 KB)

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Upload file and may a Sketch how it should look.

Dear Niander,

Lunchbox subdivision code does not take into account neighbour surfaces.
It just subdivide each untrimmed surface.

It means:

  1. It will not join elements at edges such as half hexagons or diamonds
  2. You will have to match direction of surface meaning, transpose or flip them if needed.
  3. At each edge they must have the same number of subdivision to match.

Upload concrete situation, we will try to help these steps for you.

thank you, I’ve uploaded the files

Anyone? I’d appreciate any help on figuring this out (18.4 KB)

Just be sure you input untrimmed surfaces to grasshopper. (24.1 KB)

Thank you for your help