Low poly model

i try to make this model low poly i mean very low can Somebody help me out

If the surfaces have a small number of control points You can use _ExtractControlPolygon and extract basis, but here is the end in Rhino to work with mesh(without pain).
Export this basis and continue in a polygon modeller of your choice, where You can apply SubD modifier…

What’s the low poly for?
Documenting an architecture/interiors project?
Gaming engine?
Something else?

something like a came engine

you need to provide much more info than that, but in general you have to fiddle with the settings for the meshing tool in Rhino.

What kind of results have you got, and what do you aim for?

There are tons of questions to be asked regarding getting the desired result for different needs in VR and hand held AR solutions, so being secrative will not get you there fast. If you want some descent (and free) answers then you have to provide the details that makes answering them as fast as possible. Providing the model (a dummy with similar details can easily be made by you if copyright is an issue) is always a smart move.

I investigated the process of taking high poly models and baking maps from the high poly for use on a low poly as part of a workflow for Quixel Suite; there were definately tutorials for the workflow (maya, max and Blender if I remember correctly)…
not sure if this applies to what you’re trying to do?

I’ts too far from my day-to-day for me to be of use beyond that.

Good luck!

peter1, if low poly meshes are what you need then you could first ExtractRenderMeshes and then reduce the mesh face count using ReduceMesh.

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