Low-res Polygons


I’ve tried to write a script to create low-res polygons from a Fox model. I would like to make all the triangles(polygons) pretty much the same size! Really appreciate it if someone can help me with this.

Thank you!
LowPoly.gh (11.2 KB)

LowPoly.3dm (944.1 KB)

Depending on the type of result you are after,
ReduceMesh, QuadRemesh+Triangulate, TriRemesh:

reducedMesh.gh (423.1 KB)

To really capture the quality of a model with a very low number of faces though, you’d probably still want to do a bit of manual adjustment of the result.


This is great! Thank you Daniel . Any idea how i can get the missing components? ihave Kangaroo 2.42 but it seems that there is a missing component

Hi @afshinative
It looks like you just need to update to a more current service release of Rhino.
From the Rhino menu choose Help > Check for Updates