Desigining a section of model to look low poly

First of all hello everyone this is my first post please excuse me if its in the wrong place. I would like to know if anyone knows a simple method of producing the low poly effect from the picture below. I am designing for 3d printing so i need it to be more than just a texture applied to my model. I have tried building the surface geometry then converting to mesh and reducing the poly count with no luck. i was thinking manually building the surface then flowing it along my model but I’m sure there must be an easier way. the mouse below is just an example of what i am trying to achieve it isn’t the model I’m making.

Hi Daniel,
Without time to try it, this is what I would do:
-Create a planar grid of triangular surfaces, joined together.
-FlowAlongSrf this polysurface onto the target surface that lie on your object.
-Explode the polysurface made of triangles, and show points (F10)
-Move along their normal the points with MoveUVN, making sure to select all the points that are on top of each other so the surface edges stays together.
-Join back the triangles

Hi Daniel - Another thought - Project a grid of points onto the surface, then MeshPatch the result, and convert the resulting mesh to surfaces with MeshToNurbs. Edit as Marc suggests.

Also, with the FlowAlongSrf method, you can edit the vertex height on the flat version if you use History with FlowAlongSrf - it might make for easier editing than MoveUVN - you never know which way the surface normal might be pointing so they may not stay together even if you select them all.


Along with the suggestions given, you probably want to unweld the mesh or use FlatShade so no display smoothing is shown.


Thanks for the suggestions guys I’m giving it a go now from the top I’ll let you know how I get on

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Looks promising…