Low poly mesh to poly surface with movable edges?

I have a poly surface which I rebuilt to low poly count and than converted to mesh in order to get triangles. But now I’d like to convert that back to poly surface or solid in order to use the command “moveedge” to move and manipulate it? Is there a way to do it? So all mesh triangles would become surface edges.

Thank you!

MeshToNURB command is impracticable because it makes huge NURBS. The most practicable option is using PolylineOnMesh command to make polylines and then use them to make the NURBS. If you are very wealthy CAD user, you can purchase ScanToNURBS or Geomagic Design X.

Are you trying to create a smooth surface from your triangle mesh, or just want to convert your mesh faces back to NURBS polysurface faces?

If the second, MeshToNurb will work fine if you don’t have a huge number of triangles. A few hundreds or even a few thousands shouldn’t faze a recent computer.

If you are trying to create a smooth surface through your triangles, there are many ways available in Rhino, one way might be to start with Patch using the mesh as input.



It’s the other. I tried that, but apparently, I must have done something wrong, because this time it worked. Thanks a lot!