Mesh from NURBS Object Command

Have a question about Rhinos Mesh from NURBS Object command. I have a bunch of solid objects that have a bunch of planar faces. Rhino seems to not be able to handle some planar surfaces very well. You can see in the images, it creates unnecessary divisions in the geo, and these faces are planar, or should be, since it was an extrusion with a couple of chamfers.

Possibly there could be a way to do the conversion and manually control what Rhino thinks is planar or not? In the dialog box there is the ‘Simple Planes’ check box, but that probably assumes the surface is exactly planar, with no deviation.

Any thoughts on if this is doable? I am basically looking for lower poly meshes, and Rhino overall does a pretty clean job, just not in these particular details.


or on a mesh reducemesh… these are clearly meshes so that seems like it would be the better route.

Thank you, I had no idea reducemesh existed. Didn’t see it in any of the Mesh menu’s or toolbars.


its a good one!