Lot of 'users' lately

Seeing a lot of posts by ‘UserNnn’ lately. I assume that is because one no longer has to make up a user name to create an account, so you just get a number… Personally I find the roboticness of this this just a bit sad… At least when people had to supply a name you had something to remember them by and maybe even conjure up an image. :roll_eyes:


This week, user155 created a topic on a license issue, then deleted it and hours later user156 posted his invalid license key problem

At least some of those recent new user* seem to be a scam. Why would you sign up to a forum and spend no time reading anything? Or the stats are inaccurate?

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Agreed, less generic names were better to follow.

I guess the thing that affects me here is that this is one of the few places on the 'net with a real sense of community. Creating a name for oneself is something that says “I want to be a part of this community”; for me remaining an anonymous “user” simply says “I just want to use the resources of this community and then I’m outta here…”

OK, admittedly I’m old-school. :face_with_monocle:


Yeah…well after a point enough names get used up that it becomes annoying trying to find a unique one.

But are there any “user123s” who aren’t just kids trying to cheat the demo system?


You can read about the cause of the change here:
FEATURE: stop using email as source for username and name suggestions for Single Sign On by AndrewPrigorshnev · Pull Request #14541 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

While I agree that it would be nice to be able to start a reply with "Hi " and the name of the person who wrote a post, I don’t necessarily agree that this new system is more robotic than the user names that were generated previously, such as dz19123, 1206480340, jassicc123, 2571273761, modsiw120, js12023js, vd21-1223, ggamz0212, 1127467533, ohsh1202, 1210162380, 171214568, ii88ii123, 1612388, woo041125, acjc0129, jchen11124, liuyc000612, … (a simple search with the characters “12”).

Sadly - or just interestingly -, this change that the Discourse team rolled out coincided with us closing a licensing backdoor, leading to quite a few of these new users seeking help in cheating the system.

I would like to ask all of you to not jump the gun on all new users simply because of their user name. Most of them genuinely just need some help getting on with Rhino and Grasshopper…


Didn’t realize that names were generated automatically before, thought people had to actually create them.

Ah, OK, that explains the uptick in eval licensing problems. Good that the backdoor is closed.

I wasn’t planning on it.

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I also was wondering about the surge in questions about evaluation licensing.



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