My username has changed?


I’ve just noticed that somehow my username has changed from diff-arch to diff-arch_1!

In the comments, you can clearly see that it was previously different, and I haven’t changed it.

Nobody else has access to my account.

What is going on here?

There are two users:

diff-arch using email “m.d*****”
diff-arch_1 using email “m.d****”

When you logged in using your Rhino account it created this new user because the address with the added “+f4r” is not used in your Rhino Account.


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To my knowledge, I’ve never logged in with my Rhino account (i.e. m.d**** on Food4Rhino. It’s very unlikely, since I use a password manager to log in and it doesn’t associate the Rhino account with Food4Rhino. I’ve checked!

m.d***** is the one that I used to register to Food4Rhino.

Could it be that this is somehow linked to Yak (PackageManager) behind the scenes?
I’ve recently logged in to Yak via a shell with my Rhino account to push Tapeworm, a Grasshopper plug-in I develop with a friend, to the McNeel server.

Thanks for your reply!

The link to Yak is manual, it doesn’t create users automatically, and it only works after you logged in Food4rhino using your Rhino Account. If you see “diff-arch_1” as username right now, log out and log in again using the +f4r gmail address and your password. The username should be “diff-arch” again. If it isn’t, tell me so we can investigate further.


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