No one else? (15 characters?)


Hi all,

is it true that I am more or less alone here?
As the newsgroup will close, I thought I could meet someone else here from the NG.

Perhaps it takes a few days…



I think there are a lot of us here, but we’re just trying to find our way around. It will probably take a few days before the familiar names begin popping up.



I’ve seen a number of familiar names. Give it a few days.

(Willem Derks) #4

Hi Charles,

Slowly the brave and/or those with time on their hands are stepping in.
However I find that not all are using the same name as on the NG
"cncdanb" did not ring a bell until I read he ended with his NG ‘handle’.

Much like Charles is not yet the explicit -C-H-A-R-L-E-S- is.



So far I find it not bad here.
I like it to get a mail when something happens.
This is nearly the same as with the NG.
(I had news in Outlook via mapilab nntp).

I’m curios if I get a mail for every new topic as well, not only mine.
We’ll see.
If not, this is a wish.



Yeah, the cncdanb was a result of using Gmail to login.

I was hoping I would be recognized by my handsome blue face! :slight_smile:



You can edit your display name…


Thanks Ricardo. I had tried before, but only now realized that spaces are not allowed.