Seriously... this user(name) thing starts getting ridiculous!

Wouldn’t it be possible to make it mandatory to chose a unique, recognizable, human-friendly username other than user#####, when somebody new registers to these forums?
I bet that’s not gonna turn anybody away from buying Rhino!

First of all, currently the number 3000+ seems to be reached, and - just to illustrate how utterly stupid this is - here’s my prediction of the next 1000 users’ names:

…, user3000, user3001, user3002, user3003, user3004, user3005, user3006, user3007, user3008, user3009, user3010, user3011, user3012, user3013, user3014, user3015, user3016, user3017, user3018, user3019, user3020, user3021, user3022, user3023, user3024, user3025, user3026, user3027, user3028, user3029, user3030, user3031, user3032, user3033, user3034, user3035, user3036, user3037, user3038, user3039, user3040, user3041, user3042, user3043, user3044, user3045, user3046, user3047, user3048, user3049, user3050, user3051, user3052, user3053, user3054, user3055, user3056, user3057, user3058, user3059, user3060, user3061, user3062, user3063, user3064, user3065, user3066, user3067, user3068, user3069, user3070, user3071, user3072, user3073, user3074, user3075, user3076, user3077, user3078, user3079, user3080, user3081, user3082, user3083, user3084, user3085, user3086, user3087, user3088, user3089, user3090, user3091, user3092, user3093, user3094, user3095, user3096, user3097, user3098, user3099, user3100, user3101, user3102, user3103, user3104, user3105, user3106, user3107, user3108, user3109, user3110, user3111, user3112, user3113, user3114, user3115, user3116, user3117, user3118, user3119, user3120, user3121, user3122, user3123, user3124, user3125, user3126, user3127, user3128, user3129, user3130, user3131, user3132, user3133, user3134, user3135, user3136, user3137, user3138, user3139, user3140, user3141, user3142, user3143, user3144, user3145, user3146, user3147, user3148, user3149, user3150, user3151, user3152, user3153, user3154, user3155, user3156, user3157, user3158, user3159, user3160, user3161, user3162, user3163, user3164, user3165, user3166, user3167, user3168, user3169, user3170, user3171, user3172, user3173, user3174, user3175, user3176, user3177, user3178, user3179, user3180, user3181, user3182, user3183, user3184, user3185, user3186, user3187, user3188, user3189, user3190, user3191, user3192, user3193, user3194, user3195, user3196, user3197, user3198, user3199, user3200, user3201, user3202, user3203, user3204, user3205, user3206, user3207, user3208, user3209, user3210, user3211, user3212, user3213, user3214, user3215, user3216, user3217, user3218, user3219, user3220, user3221, user3222, user3223, user3224, user3225, user3226, user3227, user3228, user3229, user3230, user3231, user3232, user3233, user3234, user3235, user3236, user3237, user3238, user3239, user3240, user3241, user3242, user3243, user3244, user3245, user3246, user3247, user3248, user3249, user3250, user3251, user3252, user3253, user3254, user3255, user3256, user3257, user3258, user3259, user3260, user3261, user3262, user3263, user3264, user3265, user3266, user3267, user3268, user3269, user3270, user3271, user3272, user3273, user3274, user3275, user3276, user3277, user3278, user3279, user3280, user3281, user3282, user3283, user3284, user3285, user3286, user3287, user3288, user3289, user3290, user3291, user3292, user3293, user3294, user3295, user3296, user3297, user3298, user3299, user3300, user3301, user3302, user3303, user3304, user3305, user3306, user3307, user3308, user3309, user3310, user3311, user3312, user3313, user3314, user3315, user3316, user3317, user3318, user3319, user3320, user3321, user3322, user3323, user3324, user3325, user3326, user3327, user3328, user3329, user3330, user3331, user3332, user3333, user3334, user3335, user3336, user3337, user3338, user3339, user3340, user3341, user3342, user3343, user3344, user3345, user3346, user3347, user3348, user3349, user3350, user3351, user3352, user3353, user3354, user3355, user3356, user3357, user3358, user3359, user3360, user3361, user3362, user3363, user3364, user3365, user3366, user3367, user3368, user3369, user3370, user3371, user3372, user3373, user3374, user3375, user3376, user3377, user3378, user3379, user3380, user3381, user3382, user3383, user3384, user3385, user3386, user3387, user3388, user3389, user3390, user3391, user3392, user3393, user3394, user3395, user3396, user3397, user3398, user3399, user3400, user3401, user3402, user3403, user3404, user3405, user3406, user3407, user3408, user3409, user3410, user3411, user3412, user3413, user3414, user3415, user3416, user3417, user3418, user3419, user3420, user3421, user3422, user3423, user3424, user3425, user3426, user3427, user3428, user3429, user3430, user3431, user3432, user3433, user3434, user3435, user3436, user3437, user3438, user3439, user3440, user3441, user3442, user3443, user3444, user3445, user3446, user3447, user3448, user3449, user3450, user3451, user3452, user3453, user3454, user3455, user3456, user3457, user3458, user3459, user3460, user3461, user3462, user3463, user3464, user3465, user3466, user3467, user3468, user3469, user3470, user3471, user3472, user3473, user3474, user3475, user3476, user3477, user3478, user3479, user3480, user3481, user3482, user3483, user3484, user3485, user3486, user3487, user3488, user3489, user3490, user3491, user3492, user3493, user3494, user3495, user3496, user3497, user3498, user3499, user3500, user3501, user3502, user3503, user3504, user3505, user3506, user3507, user3508, user3509, user3510, user3511, user3512, user3513, user3514, user3515, user3516, user3517, user3518, user3519, user3520, user3521, user3522, user3523, user3524, user3525, user3526, user3527, user3528, user3529, user3530, user3531, user3532, user3533, user3534, user3535, user3536, user3537, user3538, user3539, user3540, user3541, user3542, user3543, user3544, user3545, user3546, user3547, user3548, user3549, user3550, user3551, user3552, user3553, user3554, user3555, user3556, user3557, user3558, user3559, user3560, user3561, user3562, user3563, user3564, user3565, user3566, user3567, user3568, user3569, user3570, user3571, user3572, user3573, user3574, user3575, user3576, user3577, user3578, user3579, user3580, user3581, user3582, user3583, user3584, user3585, user3586, user3587, user3588, user3589, user3590, user3591, user3592, user3593, user3594, user3595, user3596, user3597, user3598, user3599, user3600, user3601, user3602, user3603, user3604, user3605, user3606, user3607, user3608, user3609, user3610, user3611, user3612, user3613, user3614, user3615, user3616, user3617, user3618, user3619, user3620, user3621, user3622, user3623, user3624, user3625, user3626, user3627, user3628, user3629, user3630, user3631, user3632, user3633, user3634, user3635, user3636, user3637, user3638, user3639, user3640, user3641, user3642, user3643, user3644, user3645, user3646, user3647, user3648, user3649, user3650, user3651, user3652, user3653, user3654, user3655, user3656, user3657, user3658, user3659, user3660, user3661, user3662, user3663, user3664, user3665, user3666, user3667, user3668, user3669, user3670, user3671, user3672, user3673, user3674, user3675, user3676, user3677, user3678, user3679, user3680, user3681, user3682, user3683, user3684, user3685, user3686, user3687, user3688, user3689, user3690, user3691, user3692, user3693, user3694, user3695, user3696, user3697, user3698, 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user3999, …

What are users? Cattle with ear marks? A number?

This doesn’t promote a healthy, fruitful forum culture and community spirit.
A big chunk of it already seemed to have gone out through the window, during the move from the old, community-driven forum to this new place, but this surely is a new low.

Also, this promotes laziness and abuse! Today alone, I’ve encountered two cases, where users had more than one account to faster milk the forum for answers or whatever, and the two times were too lazy to even chose a distinct username.

This is ridiculous, even for corporate forum!


I don’t answer any user**** topics


Moved to Meta sub-forum.

It appears to be a change of policy by Discourse: Generic “userN” usernames - #9 by kevinherron - support - Discourse Meta

I thought at first that it was just some bot or something like this, didn’t knew that it is just a normal user but without name :slight_smile:

Best is to approach each and every user with equal politeness and helpfulness, regardless of the name of the user.


I might have to consider that.

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You might also consider using the Audit3dmFile command…

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I guess an argument could be made that anybody who doesn’t care about putting some thought into even choosing a username, probably also doesn’t care about joining the community, so why should the community care to help?
Most number-users are hit and runners either way, so why not let the staff deal with their questions, as customer support.

I also did not start this thread to punish anybody, but to point out how utterly demented the current registration process must be!

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For me it doesn’t matter if it is anonym or not, but as I said, at first you don’t know if it is bot, spam or what. In .gh files attached technically you can insert some dangerous stuff, which also automatically makes wonder if user1234 is the autogenerated user which just sends dangerous files. The response like “be polite” etc. well sure we are polite there, aren’t we? :wink: we just want to explain why such autogenerated could be confusing.

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Just because they share a prefix I can see no reason why their make-up should be any different from people who joined previously under the old scheme.

What you can deduce is that they are the newcomers. Some newcomers have traditionally commented on the friendliness and helpfulness of forum members. It would be a shame to lose that tradition because the ‘old lags’ are prejudiced against a prefix and won’t help those who arguably most deserve assistance.


I too find it sad that some kind of ‘pseudo’ isn’t required - pretty much every other site I have ever joined asks you to create a ‘handle’, and even if they call themselves ‘anon12345’, at least that’s a statement that the person themselves made. Auto numbering just seems robotic and impersonal.

Discourse regularly puts out interesting ‘innovations’, usually driven by user’s requests on other forums. Sometimes they are cool and sometimes they are not so cool. I’m wondering if there isn’t a switch to throw there that would revert to the original behavior of requiring the users to create their own name - most of the time when the Discourse team introduces such changes there is one. In that case we would need to know why McNeel chose to keep the switch turned on…


I also agree that the current User*** system does not serve the community here well and makes it much more impersonal and disengaging. I hope this can be changed.


Besides not really caring about how being perceived or identified by the community you’re joining, and kind of displaying laziness and/or ineptitude from the get-go.

Newcomers, bots, pirates, second, third, fourth accounts of someone, etc. It’s impossible to know, whether somebody is a newcomer really, number-user or anybody else.

Yes, and that’s great, but there are also those who try to exploit exactly that.
Again, I’m not arguing for being rude to anybody! Not helping doesn’t automatically translate to being unfriendly.

Why exactly does a newcomer deserve assistance most? So they leave a good customer review on Yelp? :wink:

Based on the discussion in the link I provided above Discourse previously auto-generated user names based on email address. I assume the new user previously had and still has the opportunity to specify a different user name.

well… the labelling does remind of cattle being marked, i dont understand that autouser numbering at all and tendentiously i also noticed some exploitation happening from these new users, still that does not change from how the forum is being exploited in general by selfish users who want to have their question answered with the least possible effort from their side.

but either you help or not, nevermind the attitude, often do i help because i have fun unriddling something or because i have a bit time to spare, that is the essential part everybody should have, not thinking about how the community …(who is that community anyway)… it is ambivalent to say the least and yes it does not get prettier with all the flood of numbers here

maybe @sam can have a look at the critique here and comment, i am not on the general discourse much if at all no idea what is happening.

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That is the essence of it; no matter the name, need or number most will try to help out. I too would prefer to say Hi Steve! instead of UserOU812, but that’s up to the user if they want to be more than a number.

That’s the problem I think, if the generic name would not be suggested/allowed, everybody would need to come up with something more unique.


our Formlabs printers all come from the factory with a default auto name. Their system is adjective + animal.

Like this:

We never change their names and we become very familiar with each printer, its temperament, personality, etc.

Maybe something like that would work?



@diff-arch it is quite as hard for me to name you diff-arch or userxxx. I prefer a forename. The only differences are that we get used to you and you made an effort to present who is behind Diff-Arch, isn’t it Marc Differding :stuck_out_tongue:
@gustojunk good idea for animal and why not adjectives. Rhino has a long tradition naming plugins by animals.

By the way it is consumer society, most wants fast results. But whatever the questions, I discovered so many things by answering that I quite don’t care. I just try not to remind the less polite people that some comments on the answer will be appreciated.
At the end I think the good way is “You give or you leave” (give an answer or not give it), no need to add fuel on fire.