Lost list order when Unroll surface with geometries

I noticed that if you unroll multiple geometries together with a surface, the original items order is lost.
I tried with multiple unroller but the result is the same. Probably because they all call the same rhinoscriptsyntax.UnrollSurface command?
Am I missing something?unrollTest.gh (13.1 KB)

That seems to be a common bug. This thread has a few answers:

Otherwise you could try resorting points with ‘sort points along curve’, using the boundary curve with the seam aligned to the corner nearest the origin (to make sure the ordering doesn’t start in the middle).

Thanks for the reply!
I would like to avoid to re-organize the list after the unrolling based on proximity or other geometrical parameters.
@dale Output the initial indices would work perfectly but does the Unroller.FollowingGeometryIndex method work for points as well?

It’s a common condition though not necessarily a bug. The same thing happens when splitting surfaces or breps. There is no logical correlation between the sequence of cutters and sequence of results so sorting and sifting them by geometric criteria (position, area, length, etc.) is very common.

I´ve somehow managed to get what I wanted copy pasting from the SampleUnroller.py.
and convert the input points into TextDots in order to use Unroller.FollowingGeometryIndex method.

Now…does someone know why using the newest Python component for RH7 I have no output for
the unrolled Breps?


210930_Unroller.gh (12.5 KB)

AFAIK the unroller does not index points.
My workaround has been to pass points by means of textdot, as they are indexed. After tye unroll I used the unrolled point as result for the 3D points