Adding geometry to unroller - does it retain same order?

For the AddFollowingGeometry method in the Unroller class I’m experiencing some issues with the order of curves after unrolling.

I currently create 2 different arrays which will be processed differently after unrolling and add them to the unroller one by one. After unrolling using this this method I end up with an array of all curves which I thought would be returned in the same order (so I can split them up into 2 arrays again) but it seems like it doesn’t?

Is there a way to return the correct order of the curves as added before unrolling? I could unroll each array of curves separately but that would increase the computation time quite a lot.

Hi @siemen,
Seems we have a similar problem, but this time with points instead of curves:

I will follow your topic as well.

Out of curiosity, are you using Rhino 6?

Yep! Using Rhino 6

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Are you sure the order gets reversed and not mixed up?

Because then it’s an easy fix of reversing the array and I can continue working on this for now (even though it’s still a bug). But if things get mixed up it gets more complicated.

Hi @siemen,
I didn’t perform testing with curves.
But with points the order gets reversed if the initial non-unrolled surface is planar.
If it is not planar, the order of unrolled points remains the same.

Hi Siemen.
You cannot rely on the input output to be in sync.

Instead for input curves and dots you can use

You can get those indices from the output of

Does this make sense?


Thanks @Willem!

Will try and give this a go