Lose my scripts when we have a new update

I suspect this has been asked before and that there’s no way of avoiding it but it seems that every time we have a new update, I lose all of my custom scripts and have to drag and drop them in to the program. Is there any way to avoid this? I have a feeling there isn’t but just asking :slight_smile:

Hi Cosmas- I have never seen this happen here - admittedly I do not use RhinoScripts that load at startup much any more but the ones that are there stay there as far as I know … Your Options > Rhinoscript page list of scripts is blank on updating?


Hi Pascal,

No the Script file to load when Rhino starts are there… “ShowEverything.rvb” that you created for me is there but “AssigntoSelectedLayer.rvb” was not there and I had to drag it in. Do you think it has to do with the way that particular script was written? Should I send it to you to look at?

Hi Cosmas - send it on over, I’ll see if anything jumps out at me.


Hey Pascal

It just happened again today – with today’s update. Many of my scripts were erased and I have to drag them all in again.

Have you had a chance to look at this at all?

Thank you😊




Hey Pascal,

Did you send this to me? Was this an error?

Hi Cosmas - I was waiting for you to send me a script (as you suggested you might), so that I could try to diagnose the problem - I never got any script…