Problem during startup with current Service Release Candidate

I am running
Version 6 SR14
(6.14.19064.4371, 3/5/2019)

I am having issues on startup. Seems Rhino hangs on Loading Plug-in: Animation Tools. I just noticed though that there is a request on the command line to “Select target to update”. If I hit escape it will clear that command and finish loading. The attached image shows it all.

Jeff Claunch

Hi Jeff - do you have any start-up scripts or start up commands in Options?



I do have two scripts load at Startup.


Hi Jeff - can you send me those? I’m just guessing that one is actually running at startup and not just loading into memory.


QuickMatch.rvb (2.0 KB)


Thanks, Pascal!

Looks like only one uploaded. Here’s the other.RevWheel.rvb (2.4 KB)


I think your hunch was correct! If I don’t load those scripts Rhino no longer hangs.

Hi Jeff - it’s QuickMatch - comment out the very last line like so, with a single quote in front:


Then it can load without running - that last line calls the ‘sub’ that actually runs.


That did the trick!

Thank you so much, Pascal!