Scripts get lost with new update

Can somebody tell me why, whenever we have a new release, our scripts (rvb scribs) get lost? Anotherwords, we have to go back to our script file and drag them in?

Also, why is it that some rvb’s generate a command when you drag them in and others don’t?

Thank you.


A RhinoScript RVB file cannot create a command. It can, though, create a command alias.

If you open the RVB in a text editor, you will probably see something like this at the bottom of the file:

' Drag & drop support
Rhino.AddStartUpScript Rhino.LastLoadedScriptFile
Rhino.AddAlias "SelCrvDegree", "_-RunScript (SelCrvDegree)"

The block of code adds the file you just dragged and dropped to the list of script to load when Rhino starts. Then, it adds a command alias which runs the “main” subroutine.

Hey @Dale,

Thank you. Is the script getting lost every time there’s a new update an unavoidable glitch in Rhino (that we have to live with) or is there something I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.