Looping through lists (Mac)

Hey guys,

I have a general question as I could not find any answers by now. I want to iterate through a set of lists and store the results in a new list. This should happen automatically. Is there a way to loop through lists and have the results of a calculation stored? I only found plugins for Windows such as Anemone.

Would be happy for your help!!


Oh hi Max,

use Colibri - it works on Mac:


Oh nice!!! Thanks!

Anemone works on MacOS


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Hi Gregor,

I have a question. I am currently setting up an iteration, but it seems, that the Output Creator can only take 10 datapoints per input → write 10 columns per input. However, I would like it to write as many columns as datapoints are inserted in each input. Is that a limitation of Colibri?


Hi Maximilian,

I am working on PC and I have not encountered this problem:

You are adding the nodes with a plus a sign, I presume? Sorry, I am really confused right now.

I hope your iterations go well.

Yes this I know,
I can add as many inputs as i want, but I cannot have lists containing more than 10 values within one input.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to impose that you know the basics.

Collibri is limted to a list of10:

Unfortunately I have not worked with any other iterator.

You might check out Hoopsnake but I can’t give you any more feedback than that.

If I knew how many elements you had in your lists - I would not suggest Grasshopper.

ah okey I see, I try a workaround than. Thanks!