Combining Anemone and Colibri

Hi All,

I’ve build an iterative procedure to optimize steel frame structures. I used Anemone to make the iterative loop.

Now I want to make a data set with the loops end result of every variant. I tried to use Colibri to record the data. However, Colibri does not wait for the loop to finish. Causing that only data from the first iteration of every variant is saved.

Is there a way to slow down Colibri saving the data in order to save the last iteration of the Anemone loop?

I tried using the ‘‘Time Buffer’’ component from Anemone to delay the display of data. This does not work, since Colibri will save than the empty data field.

In the appendix the Grasshopper file can be found.
Needed plug-ins to run the script are:
-Colibri (from Lunchbox)

Combining Colibri and (115.4 KB)