OSX - Anemone or Similar - Powerful Looper Needed for Mac

Is anyone aware of a good lopper such as Anemone for the Mac? (Looping multiple data streams, not just recursion). We keep running into interesting Putterfish and other similar GH Definitions that use Anemone or Hoopsnake. However, the last Anemone build was many years ago and both do not run on OSX.

Are we forced to write our own Looper in Python, or is there something out there that we’re missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Alex,

Hi @alex5,

I’m also mostly using Rhino/Grasshopper on macOS nowadays and haven’t come across a viable solution for looping, accept by doing it yourself via your own component (i.e. Python, C#, etc.).
I would highly recommend that you write your own stuff. Even on Windows, most of the loop components that I tried, naturally have their limitations and really aren’t fit for complex, customized applications (in my opinion!). The best one that I’ve come across over the years, was Anemone, but I guess it’s not available on macOS.
Your own component could give you ultimate control and freedom, to do your looping and much more.

In Python, for instance, a loop can be as simple as this:

# loops from 0 to 100 and prints i, the iteration count, for each iteration
for i in range(100):
    print i


# does pretty much the same as the above example
i = 0
while i < 100:
    print i
    i += 1

I’m not advertising Python, but it is what I know.

Furthermore, you could always use the Windows version of Rhino/Grasshopper in Parallels, VMWare or even Bootcamp.

Thanks for the reply p1r4t3b0y!

Understood. Yes. Looks like scripting our own LOOP solution in Python is absolutely the best way to move forward.

Was hoping someone else had already created a solution that we weren’t aware of…

Anemone works fine for me on mac (at least on the latest mac WIP)… what issues are you running into?

Interesting. We will try with the new WIP to see if it works now. Thanks!

It does work now. Looks like the latest updates to WIP 6 OSX made the difference. Thank you Andrew!