Looking for well versed Rhino user for working order and future projects

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to look in.
The current software we are Geometric Free form, along with a haptic device, and dyno-bot. We are hoping to find someone who is well versed with Rhino and have a under standing of how we are using our current system, and may advise and teach the proper use of the Rhino software. Future use we will happily compensate for the assistance in developing a new work flow to our current operating system to. We would really appreciate the help in any way, or a point in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to very our request
~Norm McMillan
-Slam Lab

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Do you have a website?

We are in the on the beginning stages of development. So as of right now we do not.

I have freeform and rhino, used them together for years in my toy biz consulting over the last 20 years… happy to advise wherever I can be useful.

Thank you for reaching out I would really like to set up a zoom meeting and talk as possible we have a ton of things that are moving forward and we are hoping to get some solid help and other involved. Please let me know your schedule so we can set up a time to speak with one another and try and work something out.

Thanks again for the reply
~Norm (slamlab)

email me at kyle@mcneel,com

Hello Norman McMillan,

Can you please provide your email id for a conversation? I think I can connect you with relevant resources.

Sakshi Jinturkar

Please reach out on Norman@normanmcmillan.com

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If anything can I do it will a good asset thanks you