Looking to hire someone for Rhino 8 Windows lessons

We are a furniture design company looking for someone who can do one to two hours a day of online lessons for Rhino 8. Preferably 9am to 11am EST

we do custom training for customers-

contact jody@mcneel.com for schedule and pricing.

I could help you, I have been using Rhino for 24 year, in professional commercial studio, and have helped many people learn CAD (Rhino, etc.)


Thank you for your response. Do you do any photorealistic rendering?

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I do photo realistic rendering and have a long background as a cabinetmaker and joiner. I can do a couple of hours a day with you and get you up to speed quickly.

Yes on the Photorealistic rendering, I have used CATIA, 3D Max, Rhino, Photoshop, etc. for 30 + years for one of the largest industrial design studios and one of the largest commercial aircraft manufactures
I will send you a PM

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I can help you.

I develop projects in Rhino – some examples here: www.sachchauhan.com

I create and deliver bespoke Rhino courses to design studios.

I currently teach Rhino to students on the BA Product & Furniture Design degree programme at Kingston University (Faculty of Art)

Please DM me if you’d like to discuss this some more.

Thank you.


I’m teaching Rhino online.

Pls contact me on ar.keshavanarayan@gmail.com

I’m still in time to join the party?