Looking for laser measuring tool that can connect in rhino and recommendations?

I’m looking for a laser measuring tool that cab connect in rhino. I need to draw a room plan and would like to buy a laser measuring tool. I see they even have these free apps to build the room from camera scanned info but that’s overkill for me and since the rest of my project is in rhino I was hoping there would a product that I could use directly in rhino.

I just need the measurements. Ideally I would like to start the line command then paste the length from the laser into the command line and then use crtl shift to draw the lines orientation. Really easy and I’m getting tired of ladders and tape so I thought I could upgrade.

I see these free apps online _ Magic Plan, Room Scan but I would rather be able to use a simple cheap device in Rhino instead.

Something like this: PREXISO Laser Measure, 265Ft Rechargeable Laser Distance Meter with Multi-Measurement Units M/In/Ft, Backlit LCD 4 Line Display, and Pythagorean, Distance, Area, Volume Modes

Hoping I can find something that I can link into the computer and rhino or at least paste the numbers to the clipboard in fact outside of Bluetooth apps are there devices that can download via usb cable and export the measurements to an excel spreadsheet or cvs as well?

Just wondering if any one else is using these measuring devices in rhino.
Thanks for any info or suggestions.

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