Looking around / Walking around in Rhino

So, I’m trying to replace everything that we use SketchUp for in my architecture firm with Rhino. Unfortunately, we have Macs only and are starting out with Rhino for Mac…but there are a few things that SketchUp does better anyway, even if 99% is worse! Inconceivable!

One major thing that SketchUp does well is enable you to click anywhere in your model and it will bring the camera there (to approximately eye level at that location) and enable you to “look around” rather than Orbit/Pan. Very important for the way these architects are used to working.

So, it seems that this tool does not exist in Rhino. You could call this thread a feature request for that, but in the meantime: What would be the easiest way to emulate this? A macro of some sort?

I might have, say, a mesh that represents topography, or a 3d NURBS model of a building with multiple floors, stairs, ramps, etc. Ideally I click on a surface or a mesh (snap to surface/mesh ala InterpCrvOnSrf’s input, or snap to line/point/edge/etc) and the camera location goes to that plus 5.5feet for eye height. Then I WalkAbout (doesn’t exist on R4Mac yet)…

I wonder how easy it would be to have video-game-like control mode allowing move forward, back, strafe, etc across nonflat meshes/surfaces…

Thank you for your help!

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Anyone have any ideas about this? Temporary solution / long term solutions?

You can try this Plugin:

I use an alias for focusing on a specific point
’_-ViewportProperties _Target _Pause
You could modify it with target and zoom.

for looking around you can mimic head movement by holding ctrl+alt and right clicking.