Loktak lake shapes

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to reproduce these kind of free forms from Loktak lake (India).

Is there a way to reproduce it like that and a way to fill any shape like this one in green ?

Thank you !!!

We need to create a wiki-page no circle packing… @DanielPiker did some really good stuff in this area, if you search for “circle packing” here you’re bound to find a bunch of solutions.

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I was thinking maybe something like this:

Then take the lines and offset+fillet them upto a point when they resemble a distorted circlular shape.

Thank you this is quite what I look for ! I just don’t know how to restrict de pipes or curves by the area

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if you use pipes then perhaps omit the join-curves component

There is a flaw in my solution, because you have to duplicate some of the lines, because they will be filletted with several other lines.

That’s why I stopped at that point, as this is berhaps best done manually.
To sort them out, as if you try to fillet them automatically the result most certainly will not be desirable.

Another solution would be to just use the Dendro plugin.

wt.gh (13.9 KB)

and you can draw curves and use Rooster

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Thank you this is awesome !