Circle Packing tutorial with Grasshopper

Hi All,

I’ve posted a quick video tutorial on circle packing in Grasshopper/Kangaroo. You can use a fixed size or vary them by coloring a mesh with an image to create lots of potential patterns. Enjoy!


Thank you very much, sir

But I don’t have access to YouTube for a reason and can’t watch the relative videos. If you put its file here, you will make me happy :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s too large you’ll need to find a solution to access YouTube. Maybe a VPN tunnel?

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Thank you Brian for tutorial, that’s interesting!
Do you have any idea how to make Compact CirclePacking with Image Sampler?
Just gradient from large to small circles. Without fixed diameter.

Hi @leex ,

I’d approach that in the same way using a gradient texture like this.

You could also use a grid of points rather than the TriRemesh component for the initial circle centers, that will look a little different than this one.

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