Loft Command

There seems to be some sort of bug with the following:

I cant seem to loft a curve referenced from Rhino and an offset curve generated from that reference curve. I can however loft two offset curves from the original curve and all subsequent curves.

Does anyone know a simple workaround?

Im trying to code a cavity wall so the original curve is quite important. So far Ive have got round the issue by offsetting .001.



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Flatten your curve input of Loft.

Awesome! absolutely no idea why that works! But it does.

Thanks David

You will never master Grasshopper until you understand why it works (and why it fails).
Loft works only with curves in the same “branch”.


haha! Dude relax; I don’t want to be a master. Thanks for the info though, just seems like a bug to me.

With that attitude, you never will be.

but i dont want to be…