Lofting curves produces artifacts

Hi, just trying to learn more about Grasshopper again, pretty fresh after taking a long break, so I hope it’s explained well.

The idea is that I generated curves, which are then joined, but these are not closed curves yet. Since there is not ‘CloseCRV’ option in Grasshopper that’s not possible, and the connect curves didn’t work out either.

However, usually I can get it all together by using a loft.
My goal is to close the offset curves.

This time the loft doesn’t work out for me. I did try adjusting the seams as described in here:

But that also didn’t help out.

I hope my example file and screenshots are sufficient in order to find a solution. I did internalize the data and simplified the file as was instructed in a previous topic. (22.2 KB)

Here’s another possible approach if you don’t mind ending up with trimmed surfaces instead of untrimmed as from Loft. (19.0 KB)


Thanks, that’s fantastic. I’m actually more after getting closed curves anyway. It works great. I have to say the pipe does cause some kind of delay in the script, I’m not sure if it’s a heavy component to use in this way, but it does the job. I might run into some trouble when generating larger geometry though.

I’m curious why the loft doesn’t work in this case, as it did work on other approaches I tried.

Your proposed solution gave me an idea to come up with my own solution:

Using the power of Python allowed me to use a Rhino command to duplicate the border of the resulting Loft. Thanks a lot for triggering this solution in my mind.

Actually, if you had used Offset Curves Loose, which produces offsets with the same number of control points as the original curve, your original def works.

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Hi, indeed, I tried that, but this solution with the offset curves loose didn’t work on other aesthetics that I created with the same starting point. It worked in only half of the cases. In the end it’s always a bit of a play, but I didn’t know that it created the same number of control points, which is very useful knowledge. Thanks.