Lofting 2 surfaces

I am trying to do a loft between 2 curved surfaces. You can see the input to Loft from the first, but if I attempt to add the second surface to the ‘C’ input on the loft component the first input goes away. In other words I can only input a single surface to the loft component. A newbie, so I may be approaching this all wrong :frowning: (10.4 KB)

Hold the Shift key when you drag in the second input to not remove the first.

Your definition was referencing objects in your 3dm so I can’t see what you were doing exactly in regards to the explode brep components. You can right click the components that reference geometry and choose ‘Internalize Data’, then save the GH file to embed those objects. Or provide the 3dm as well if you need more help.

The screenshot helps, Loft wants curves not surfaces so you may need the edge items instead I think.

with internalized data (11.5 KB)

thanks, that makes sense.

This may be helpful too as an alternate approach if I understood what you’re after. (13.4 KB)

Thanks, that is what I was after. BTW, I was trying the domain component, but it looks like it does not actually loop through the values, I only saw a single output value, which was the domain. What would have been the component fo feed each individual value? (even though I now see why that would not have worked)

Series could work like this…

Very nice, has an elegance to it…