Lofted Voronoi panel for addressable led strip

To contain the light emitted from each addressable LED to a single Voronoi patch, just lofting them won’t work, the Voronoi patches do not associate with the corresponding square directly above it. To create the example with the desired results I “baked” the Voronoi and squares, lofted each pair separately, then rotated some of the squares -90, 90 and 180 degrees to get what I needed. I have not found a way in grasshopper to associate each Voronoi patch with the corresponding square directly above it, and figure out the rotation needed for each individual square to get a nice loft (I was able to get the variable square size, spacing, and quantity worked out for different size panels).

Voroioni (20.0 KB)
Voroioni Grid gh.3dm (139.4 KB)

Voroioni (22.6 KB)

Wow! Holy Cow! You guys are the bomb! And I see (understand, get) what you’ve done!

Ahhhhh, darn, but as I increase the number (quantity) of Voronoi patches if they over lap the same square then squares for lights are “missing / skipped”. And the over lapped squares are now blocked from shining into the overlapped Voronoi patches.

Voroioni (24.3 KB)

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Well… I am now seeing that it might just the nature of the beast ): On the left there is a Voronoi patch in the center between 4 “claimed” squares, and on the right there is no Voronoi patch where a light would be.

I guess the only thing left to cure is the wrap or twist of some of the lofts up to the squares.

Voroioni (22.1 KB)