Chromodoris mesh loft not working

Hey, I am trying to use mesh loft from Chromodoris for the lines, but it is lofting so dense. I do not know how to reduce the width. I also don’t want to use the loft. Please let me know as soon as possible. I have a deadline. Thank you in advance.
chromodoris (27.2 KB)

From the last picture I am pretty sure a script has already been published. So with the good keyword you ll probably find the discussion.
Putting references of the work you want to use is quite mandatory. It helps you the helpers and future people that will have the same question.

Hey, yes I found the one you posted. But, I want to try it with Chromodoris or with any other plugin, if it is possible as my assignment requires that. Please help me figure out why this is happening, it would be great.
Thank you.

Why on earth not giving the link ?

Always good to give references, it will not cost you a lot !

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_Screen Façade Design: Faulders Studio, with Proces2 in San Francisco
Building Design: Studio M/Hajime Masubuchi in Tokyo

You have a mismatch between datatree. Use the same input in Chormodoris as the one of the scale component. Loft requires a list of curves, and here a list of polylines with the same number of points. You didn’t inspect the input of Chromodoris component.

And Why not using directly the cells from the Voronoi component ???

chromodoris facade (28.1 KB)
chromodoris facade (26.7 KB)
chromodoris facade (30.8 KB)

And if you want to add control, use Divide Polyline from NAutilus

And instead of Scale you can use Offset Loose, but it will be good just for low value of negative offset.


Apologies, I forgot to do so. I am not aware of the components much as I am a beginner. Anyhow, thank you so much. Have a great day.